Linda M

Dear Linda,

On the 18th of this month it will be 5 years since you passed away. It’s strange to think that it’s been that long. I believe that you still visit the ones you love, though. Sometimes up at the club we see dragonflies and we’ve even seen a few down here in the lowlands. Remembering how much you loved dragonflies always makes me smile.

Your son is at university now, he’s learning how to build ships. I think he wants to go into the navy after that. Your daughter is being pulled into science. They’re both so clever, you and R obviously passed on those genes!

The club is quiet without you. There are laughs and there is still music and, of course, the occasional arguments, but it seems to have lost that sparkle that you seemed to bring to it. Your bench sits at the front of the racing hut only a few feet from the water. We sit there sometimes for a while to watch the water but during the summer it’s swarming with wasps, maybe you could do something about that winks

I hope you’re doing well.