Letter to my Akhu


Dear Blessed Akhu,

I humbly write this letter to venerate you. Throughout my life, I have followed many paths. These paths have led to a variety of revelations about the nature of my existence. All the while, you were present with me. My biggest regret is not being mindful enough to realize your eternal presence.

While I cannot change the past, I can have an impact on the future. I would like to begin the conversations that have been lacking between us for some time. I also accept the responsibility of not being aware of your presence, even though you desired my attention and appreciation. I command this ignorance to leave me now and fully open the pathways to the knowledge of and conversation with my Akhu.

To all Akhu from my immediate family, to the Akhu of my place of origin, to the Akhu of all of humanity, I ask for your attention and grace. You who have had your heart weighed, show me the way to correct life. Guide me through success and failure. Guide me along the middle path toward a more balanced nature. Guide me to unite with the Light that flames within both of us.

May my prayer sustain you and carry you upon your way. May I walk in your footsteps in observance of the Laws of Ma’at. May I have your successes when my heart is weighed. May we live together eternally!