Kyle Brett Howard

Dear Kyle,

Happy 21st Birthday!

I just wanted you to know, that even though you are no longer with me, having been killed by your father’s hand 21 years ago, that I still love you and will never forget you. I can only imagine what kind of young man you would’ve grown up to be and I wonder what you would be studying in college. Would you have followed my leanings and gone in for the Arts? Or would you be more conservative? Maybe you would have gone on to study history, or archeology. I’ll never know.

I don’t want you to think that I’m trying to live in the past, when I remeber you for your birthday. I don’t have all that many memories of you. Afterall, you were only four and a half months old when your father put you into that fatal coma. Although your body continued to exist until what would’ve been your eighth birthday, I knew that the part of you that made up you was long gone by the time your body finally gave out. I try to only remember the times we shared before you were hospitalized. But, I don’t think I will ever forget seeing your tiny body hooked up to all those machines in the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital.

I just want you, and the world, to know that I still love you, even after all these years. I honor your memory and will never forget you, my son.

Happy Birthday, Kyle. I hope it’s a good one.