Kathleen Phillips


Though I was barely old enough to appreciate you, and it’s been almost fifteen years since you travelled West, I’m still amazed by how much you’ve influenced my life. There are many kindnesses I might not have learned otherwise. Thank you. I’m a better person for it.

Dad still misses you, more than he’s ever likely to admit. At times I think he feels guilty about something in relation to you. Would you please help him let it go?

Grandpa and Grandma Juanita, as I’m sure you know, are really starting to lose their health. I know none of the living are ever ready to deal with a loved one’s death, but hopefully we can find ourselves at peace with one another before then. There’s so much going on below the surface of so much of the family that I’m afraid is going to result in a lot of guilt if the whole lot of us can’t make that peace. Can you help with this too?

You’ll be forever with me, an example and reminder of just what can be accomplished with gentle, quiet love that is backed by steel.

I love you,