Judy Durbin

Hey Jude,

I can’t believe you’ve been gone for more than three years. I miss you so much. I hate that we never got to say good-bye…you left so quickly. I hope you are happy now and that all the things that made life so hard for you here have been removed. I know you are with Uncle Lewie, Auntie Anne and all the animals you loved so much and missed. If you can, keep watch over Gary…he isn’t doing well without you. Thank you for your love and for being so like a sister to me. Many things have changed for me, as you know, since your death…many of them good, but the price was high. Losing all of you so close together was hard. I hope to be with all of you again. Be happy in the West, and may Netjer love and care for you always.

Jonetta, your “cuz”