Joe Coutinho


I am writng this letter to you, not because you technically gave me life, infact,w while you were alive you took “life” from me. I was terrified to be in public, what if you were there, what if that time, you actually got me and did what you told my mother you would. Since we never net I had to face to put to the monster you were and was tortured by you, when you were never even there.

but that is not why I am writing this letter. I am writing this in hopes that the demons that lived inside of your body on earth did nto follow you on. I am writing this because I feel sad that NO one noticed you were missing from this world for 6 months. You alienated our family as well as your second one, which you should have thought as a second chance to do things right.

I am mad at you for trying to kidnap me, and for threatening my young life, I am mad at you for hurting mt mother, you messed her up big time,l she doens’t trust men because of you, and almost ruined mine and my ex husbands connection. She never trusted Jean as the “ex” when Gene is a MAN ans takes take of Steven, I am haooy that you were willing to turn over parental rights do that MY FATHER could adopt me, even though it was so you didn’t have to pay over 10,000 in back child support. At least I know my net value. I think it was fate that you were friends with Gene’s aunt and there for was able to see pics of my wedding and my son, and you are lucky that you never tried to see him, thank you for that as well.

I am sorry that you died alone, but You did that to yourself. I wish I could have known you but I know I am better off having never met you. I hope your next life id better than this, that is if you survived to the next step… I will never honor you in my own shrine. You deserve no respect from me, but I do pray to the Netjer that you have a second chance and will learn from your mistakes.

Your “daughter”

Danielle CRANE or LA MAY… never coutinho