Jerry Lee Nation

Hey, Jerry (Henu)…I’ve been wondering where you are and what you are up to…I hope you can come to our Hangin’ O’ the Green today…We all miss you very much.

I do have need of your help, Brother.

Mom’s condition is beginning to really get worse…I’m sure you know of her latest diagnosis, the whole new twist of cancer added to the mountain of other junk…

I still request you to be a guide for her to the west and unto the arms of our blessed Netjeru (HENU).

If you can, would you bring her across to the land of the dead with you? I do not want to interfere with Netjeru’s plans for her, but she has requested help in passing and I beg you to answer that call for her, and for those of us who are here dealing with her decline…It is in Love that I come to you, Jerry. No action or inaction on your part will change the Love I have for you.

Your squirel-ly sister, Trish