Jane LeCoultre Ringoot

remember and honor you, mother of my mother, Jane LeCoultre Ringoot.

I honor and admire your work in the healing profession as a nurse, and as the mother of four surviving children. I am sorry for loss of your beloved brother Eugene who died as a young man of dysentery in WWI, and then your own 18 month-old son whom you named for him. You endured much sorrow at their passing, and in other areas of your life, but your health was never the same after your son died.

Your own end was not good, incapacitated by a stroke for five years. Fortunately, my mother was devoted in her care to you, and took you into our house. Your condition during this time was hard for me to relate to as a young woman. You were completely bedridden, without communication skills. You could gesture, make sounds and write a bit, but I found it hard to be with you. I really wish I had spent more time with you - you were right in my own home. I wasn’t there when you passed, but I’m happy my mother woke up in the night with the need to go to you when it was your time. Both my mother and sister were with you at your passing, and I take some comfort in this.

Many years later, you came to me first in a dream and then a waking vision, and told me when your husband, my grandfather, would pass. I am honored to have received this communication from you. I felt your presence very strongly in the room when my grandfather passed, and I like to think that you helped escort him to the West.

Your picture is in my Akhu shrine, where I honor and name you every week. May Netjer grant you all good things upon which a spirit might live. [henu]

Your loving grandaughter,
Ginette Novello
July 16, 2000