James Michael Muhlstein

Hi Jim,

Your death was so unexpected that we’re all still in a daze. The rest of the newsroom is at your funeral service this morning, but I chose to stay here, near your desk, and have some quiet, personal moments with you.

I hope you were aware of the memorial service we had here on Tuesday. It was beautiful, and it helped us all to heal a bit. You were, and are, much loved and missed.

I’m sorry I never got to tell you how much I liked your laugh, and that wonderful, warm smile. It’s too bad we don’t tell people things like that while they are among us.

I’m glad that the last time we spoke you were smiling about your new baby. I know you’ll be there when he’s born.

It’s said that a person who is remembered never really dies, so I know you’ll live on for a very long time.

I know you are in a good place. Thank you for brightening all of our lives with your being. Give Sullivan a pat for me.

With love,

Your fellow Arcadia Apache, Jonetta