Hi all,

I’m Nak and I’m part of the upcoming beginner’s class. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all! I’ve actually been a practicing Kemetic for a while now, but was interested in forming more of a community. The structure of the KO has interested me for a while, so I look forward to learning about the intricacies of it. I really only focus on Yinepu in practice, however I am very much open to learning more about the other Netjeru.

I absolutely love anything horror (movies, books, games), and I enjoy the usual things - reading, art, hiking, bones, etc. I have a couple of dogs, and love seeing other’s pets as well.



Em hotep and welcome!

I’m just delighted that bones is considered a “usual thing” to like. Not wrong, but funny none the less.

I hope you enjoy your stay!



Em hotep and welcome, satAnup!

I hope you enjoy the beginners class!


Em Hotep Nak, and welcome to the beginner’s course!

As you have been practicing for a while, of course some things will be familiar, while other things can be a bitt different between different practices, so hopefully you enjoy learning!

Em Hotep and welcome!

Em hotep and welcome!

Hi Nak!

Em hotep and welcome, Nak!
Enjoy your explorations!

Em hotep, Nak!

I hope you enjoy the beginner’s class!! Lots to learn and lots of folks to chat with!
We’re glad to have you!

Senebty, and happy learning!

Hello, Nak,

I am HntA. I’m also new to the Beginner’s class. I’m looking forward to learning more.

My soul has been drawn to all things Egyptian since before I can remember.