Introducing myself!

Hello! I’m so happy to finally be here! :smiley:

My name is Eden and I’ve been interested in kemetism for a while; for about 3 years I have been worshipping on my own in a very flexible way, without any sort of set routines or rituals, other than just leaving an offering and having a quick chat whenever I have the energy.

I decided I would come to the House of Netjer to learn more and make an even deeper connection with Netjer, and learn new ways to worship and be part of the Kemetic community! I think being here with like-minded people will help me revitalize my love for the practice (I will admit, I have fallen into hard times and finding the energy to worship has been harder as of lately). I’m really excited to learn and grow with everyone.

Thank you so much for having me and I am so happy to meet everyone else here. :slight_smile: <3


Em hotep and welcome, Eden!

I hope you enjoy your time here.


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em hotep and welcome!

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Em hotep and welcome! It can definitely be nice to have community for religious things :slight_smile:

Em Hotep, and welcome!

I too understand the lack of energy to do the things, so you aren’t alone, and some of us might have tricks and techniques to help with those down times :slight_smile:

Em hotep, Eden!

Enjoy your explorations here!

Senebty! (Be well!)