Imakhu Sesha's Akhu

Dear Jesse, Grandpa Dennis, Grandma Dennis, Grandma Dean, and all of my akhu,

I know my akhu shrine isn’t much, but I want you to know that I do not forget you. Each of you has a strength, a talent, a charm, or some other virtue that shines like you do in Nut’s belly, and I admire you for that. I will never be what some of you were, but I hope I can be what I am in a way that makes you proud.

Jesse, your time was before mine and I ever knew you, but I have a mental image of you and I think we’d have been friends.

Grandpa Dennis, I was too young to remember you, but some of your work still stands today. I admire you for that, and for your service to your country, and for the memories which your wife and daughter passed on to me.

Grandma Dennis… I know we didn’t see eye to eye most of the time, but I know you loved me, and I loved you. It’s too bad neither of us were good at showing it. When you died it saddened us all, but when you moved on to another life, I knew you were happy there. Stay happy!

Grandma Dean, you were kind and pleasant to everyone, easy for a kid to love, and expressed yourself through poetry and painting. You must have been a child of Het-Hert, and I bet even now you are making the Beautiful West more beautiful.

All of you, keep watch over the family and keep us safe, and remind us of your virtues and your love.

Dave (Imakhu Sesha)