Ikemwy's Akhu

Thank you oh wise Akhu, those who have come before, for watching over me in my life. I pray in your names that my life might be pleasing in the eyes of Netjer and in your eyes as well. ::full henu::

Uncle Curtis Harris, Uncle Rick Hoover, Uncle Jimmy Frasier, Mammaw Frasier, Mammaw Bates, Uncle Robert “Butch” Bates, Zoe Jolly, J.J. Jolly, Lilian Lawrence,

I pray that you have passed safely into the West and thank you for watching over our family. I offer you all a thousand of bread and beer and cool water and all good things, and I send my love and my respect. You are not forgotten.

David Hearn,

May you pass safely into the West and may you be judged fairly. I pray that you have the opportunity to try again and that you be as blessed in your next life as you were cursed in this one. I forgive you.