I am mainly a follower of Anpu - Anubis!

I am a follower of Anpu and Heru. My goddeses are nebthet, aset, hetheru/schekhmet. They have helped me in very hard times. I have a closet in my house as a temlpe to manyof them all. Of course I worship RA! He is the main god - you know. I hope Asar might help me win the lotto one day- lol. He is the god of wealth you know. I had a very odd high high preist in the past who thought himself ot actually be the god asar and tried to curse me twice when I left his lodge. He blocked Asar from my mind for many years but no more. I like Asar now - he is ok. Aset is quite illusive to me. I prayed to here but got no help. I learned that she can only help you to chose particular words of power that can transform you; she can’t transform you on her own - it your job with her inspirations alone. They all have worked with my intuitive and sent others to help me, as well.




Rev. Tatuayinepu

em hotep and welcome

Em hotep and welcome!

Em hotep and welcome, friend! <3

I am glad to hear your relationship with Asar/Wesir has been improving! Unfortunately there are several of us who have had similar experiences, with other humans causing trouble in our relationships with the gods. When I came to the House, I was very nervous about Wepwawet. I had a relationship with one of His devotees that suddenly and unexpectedly went very bad, and was afraid Wepwawet would take that person’s “side” against me. I did come to understand that the gods don’t really choose sides like that (and that even if they did, they wouldn’t side with bad people!), and Wepwawet never seemed to hold anything against me. Our relationship is much better now. He’s even one of my Beloveds! <3

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Wepwawet is the female counterpart of anpu- his names mean - opener of the way and anpu means divine anouncer. anpu anounces the god as they enter the court. I see him as a MC at events and a gentleman to learn manners from. Anpuet is another form of Wepwawet you know but Wepwawet opensa spiritual path for many. I invock both through anpu like I invoke aset n nebt het a like. My old high preist is schizophrenic and expresses it by thinking himself to actually the god Asar. his name is michael waterman of freeport ny watch out for him…ok

Welcome, we have many people who interact with many of the gods in many different ways :slight_smile: Have fun exploring and learning and experiencing Netjer with us!