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So I began reading the Métu Neter which is going in depth of kemetic spirituality and right now discussing the founders of civilization, stages of life, how the white western people has ravaged the earth, the tree of life… I mean there’s a lot here and I’ll be studying this for a while. This is just one of seven volumes I believe. My questions are:

How do I begin to practice this spirituality?

As a white western male in his 30’s am I even capable or excepted into this spirituality? The Metu Neter discusses left and right side brain hemispheres. How does a left sided thinker become more right sided?

I have so much more questions but my main one is how do I begin the transition!

We do not use the Metu Neter as a foundation. The easiest way to learn about what we do use here is to take the beginners course. You can apply for the next course at:

Rev. Tjesi

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Welcome Collin,

As Rev Tjesi said, the beginning for all of us here is our beginner’s course, which will teach the basics of what we believe, how we practice, and what the optional “next steps” are. As for the ability to be part of the spirituality, believing in Netjer, wanting and trying to do ma’at, and helping those around you are good ways to start :slight_smile:

I’ve already applied and have been excepted into the beginners course. I was told it would start this month. I’ve been waiting since October now haven’t heard anything more; so that’s why I am reading the Metu Neter now. Do you know what day the class starts?

No, I do not. I’m sure you will be hearing soon.

Rev. Tjesi

Don’t worry, I’m waiting too. There’s a list of recommendations for reading on that you could check out, for more foundational info. Have you tried reaching out to the Netjer in prayer? Or a lot of people like to connect with them through devotional art.

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perhaps its better to read texts written with medu netjer?

I would think in terms of strengthening your connection to your right brain that engaging with nonverbal media might be a good start?

I’m not familiar with the book you are describing or the content you’re referencing within it. If you’re looking for resources to get started though, there is a recommended reading list on the main site here

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