How do I know which deity is reaching out to me?

How can I be sure Ra is reaching out to me. There are very clear signs a deity is reaching out to me but how can I be sure it is who I think it is? I’ve never questioned my intuition until I did more research and read other peoples expiriences with the same deity. I’ve been told by multiple people not to trust this deity from my previous readings. I have read other peoples deities first and foremost state their names when making a first impression.

You could search for someone who does Fedw for Ra? I don’t know the list of people myself though.

Could you clarify more about being told not to trust this deity? Do you mean people have told you not to trust Ra, or people have told you that the deity reaching out is not Ra?

It was very odd I was told this deity was not to be trusted, stay away from them. Next thing they were telling me questions to ask Ra. Why are you acting interested all of a sudden?? They get pissed off because I told them their not willing to listen to you if your only acting interested. Then proceed to tell me it isn’t Ra. They proceed to mock me about my knowledge, about Egyptian mythology.

In a previous reading they gave me they told me Ra had become very angry with her…

This person sounds like a tool. I would encourage you to seek divination from another source or just do it yourself.

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I get pretty excited when people reply! :smiley: This website is my only form of getting spiritual advice from people for now… So thanks for the reply!

What does it mean when a deity represents themselves as an animal? I had a dream where Ra appeared to me as a giant cat, it was fascinating. Ever since I never saw them the same way.

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Ra can also known as The Great Cat. In this form, He hunts A/pep.


Could showing up in this form be a bad thing?.. or… a good thing? I found it pretty fascinating but it’s difficult to understand what message a deity is trying to convey without words.

It sounds protective to me?

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Yes I do get that sense of being protective, but also extremely possesive.