House of Netjer Finances

Cash on Hand

This number is reflective of donations with PayPal, PayPal giving fund, our Nisut’s Salary and general running costs (website, storage fees for Tawy, etc.).

As of August 8, 2023

Welcome to Year 31- Intermediate Period Year 1. Last week we saw a major change to the House of Netjer. This change is not a overnight conversation and will likely take time to figure out how to support and grow the future of The House of Netjer moving forward.

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Tawy House

For our new membership: Tawy House is a property the temple owns in Joliet, Illinois. We purchased this property as a retreat center and a physical temple space. However, due to economic climate, locality of priests or members to maintain the house, we have moved out of the building and are working on selling it. The House of Netjer is still legally responsible for the building even though no one lives near it nor inhabits it currently.

In July of 2023, Tawy House was sold.

Breakdown of Categories

  • Online Services: Include the forums, main website (, and archives.

  • Storage fees: Rent paid to facilities in Portland and in Illinois. These units hold items and furniture from Tawy House, along with records and other items.

  • Legal needs: Po Box renewal, or other documentation to continue to operate as a 501C3 in the United States.

If you have any questions about these reports or the information contianed please contact Rev. Ihhyensenu ([email protected]).

PayPal Fees

PayPal has increased it fees for donations! When you make a general donation in PayPal they automatically hit us with a service fee, for example if you were to make a $5.00 donation we are charged $.59 for that donation (USD only, international donation differ to $.66). With this in mind adding an additional dollar ($1.00) will help us offset this cost. Or consider PayPal giving fund! But remember that the Giving Fund is only paid out once a month.

We also have had a great success with Zelle Donations! Zelle is paid directly to our bank account, you can set up recurring donations too!

If you have any questions on any of these methods please email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to help.

Financial Reports


2023 Charts and Graphs 1-2023.pdf (131.3 KB)
2023 Charts and Graphs 2-2023.pdf (133.1 KB)
2023 Charts and Graphs 3-2023.pdf (137.7 KB)
2023 Charts and Graphs 4-2023.pdf (136.7 KB)
2023 Charts and Graphs 5-2023.pdf (138.2 KB)
2023 Charts and Graphs 6-2023.pdf (497.2 KB)
2023 Charts and Graphs 7-2023.pdf (499.4 KB)

End of Month 1-2023.pdf (443.8 KB)
End of Month 2-2023.pdf (443.8 KB)
End of Month 3-2023.pdf (444.2 KB)
End of Month 4-2023.pdf (444.3 KB)
End Of Month 5-2023.pdf (444.5 KB)
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