House of Netjer Employees and Contacts

Organization Chart

Staff Listing

Executive Board

General contact: [email protected]

Tjema’awy - Elected Member
Rev. Tawa’ubastmut - [email protected] - Elected Member
Nebitbast - [email protected] - Elected Member
Shaseni - [email protected] - Elected Member
Rev. Tanebetheru - [email protected] - Education Director and permanent member
Rev. Remenit - [email protected] - Chief Scribe and permanent member
Rev. Heruakhetymose - [email protected] - Temple Director and permanent member
Rev. Dr. Tamara L. Siuda (Hekatawy Alexandros) - [email protected] - Permanent tie-breaker member
Rev. Arienihethert - [email protected] - Legal counsel and permanent non-voting member

House of Netjer Temple

Rev. Heruakhetymose - [email protected] - Director
    Current work schedule: Monday - Friday, 7-9PM US East Coast Time
Shaseni - [email protected] - Administrative Assistant

Kemetic Orthodox School

General contact: [email protected]

Rev. Tanebetheru - [email protected] - School Director

Beginners Class

Rev. Shefytbast - [email protected] - Instructor
Rev. Darytessekhmet - [email protected] - Instructor
Temi - General Liaison
Sha’ersenu - Portuguese Language Liaison
HeryHeru - Portuguese Language Liaison
Sekhawi - Spanish Language Liaison
Lara/Khala - Italian Language Liaison

Hieroglyphic Literacy Class

Bestekeni - [email protected] - Class Creator & Instructor

Kemetic Orthodox Religion

Rev. Dr. Tamara L. Siuda (Hekatawy Alexandros) - [email protected] - Nisut
    Current work schedule: Monday - Wednesday
Rev. Remenit - [email protected] - Administration

General Questions & Support

General contact: [email protected]

Rev. Tjesi - [email protected]

Website Management & Support

General contact: [email protected]

Rev. Tjesi - [email protected] - Lead

Member Issues

For help with conflict between House of Netjer members which cannot be resolved by the members themselves, or for reporting legal violations of the House of Netjer bylaws (
General contact: [email protected]

W’abu (Priests)

General contact: [email protected]

Shrine and location information:

W’abu in service

Rev. Akhytsenu - [email protected] - W’ab of Tefnut and Ra-Heruakhety
Rev. Arienihethert - [email protected] - W’ab of Hethert-Mut
Rev. Heruakhetymose - [email protected] - W’ab of Heruakhety
Rev. Ihhyensenu - [email protected] - W’ab of Sekhmet-Mut and Amun-Ra
Rev. Ma’atnofret - [email protected] - W’ab of Sekhmet-Hethert
Rev. Mesetibes - [email protected] - W’ab of Heqat
Rev. Neshnytyinepu - [email protected] - W’ab of Yinepu-Wepwawet
Rev. Ra’awyserqet - [email protected] - W’ab of Serqet-Aset
Rev. Sehedjef - [email protected] - W’ab of Serqet-Aset & Nebthet-Nit-Seshat
Rev. Shefytbast - [email protected] - W’ab of Bast
Rev. Shezatwepwawet - [email protected] - W’ab of Wepwawet
Rev. Tamiwi - [email protected] - W’ab of Bast and Ra
Rev. Tanebetheru - [email protected] - W’ab of Heru-sa-Aset
Rev. Tawa’ubastmut - [email protected] - W’ab of Bast-Mut
Rev. Tjesi - [email protected] - W’ab of Hethert-Sekhmet

W’abu on Leave of Absence

Rev. Darytessekhmet - [email protected] - W’ab of Sekhmet-Hethert
Rev. Neferuhethert - [email protected] - W’ab of Hethert-Sekhmet
Rev. Rayashi - [email protected] - W’ab of Ra
Rev. Remenit - [email protected] - W’ab of Sekhmet-Hethert & Nit-Nebthet-Seshat
Rev. Tjemsy - [email protected] - W’ab of Sekhmet-Hethert and Set


Shaseni - [email protected]

Regional Coordinators

Akhytsenu - [email protected] - Finland & EU


General contact: [email protected]

Hezetra - [email protected] - Lead
Shaseni - [email protected] - Assisting
Rev. Tawa’ubastmut - [email protected]
Senuermau - [email protected]
Sekhmetgemetnebu - [email protected]
Ha’autmuti - ha’[email protected]


Rev. Ihhyensenu - [email protected]


Rev. Arienihethert - [email protected]

New Members Liaisons

General contact: [email protected]

Sedjosrysekhmet - [email protected]


General contact: [email protected]


Tatuayinepu - [email protected] - Lead
Khenmetemnut - [email protected]
Nesiwepwawet - [email protected]


Ta-idet - [email protected]
Asethepetwi - [email protected]
Hezetra - [email protected]
Nesiwepwawet - [email protected]
Sesaiaset - [email protected]
Shaseni - [email protected]
Shukheperas’ankhi - [email protected]

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