I’ve been pretty busy lately haven’t had much time to explore the classes lately, I have a job that I need to keep to gain income, without further ado todays discussion is about my personal traumas in my spiritual journey (without trying to trigger anyone this time.) But todays discussion is different and Im not sure how I should bring it up in such forums. I have a lot of weight on my shoulders. I’d like to focus on studying more about Kemetic mythology but I want to lift some weight off my shoulders first, I want some incites on what curses are and what kinds of curses there are out there.

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Ooooh, that sounds hard, I’m sorry you’re struggling. I’m always happy to listen but I don’t have much knowledge of curses I’m afraid. I know a YouTube resource called Hearthwitch who addresses a lot of magical topics from a European perspective if that’s helpful. She has a video on curses