Hi everyone, its been a long time

Hey everyone,

How’s it going around here? Honestly, I haven’t kept up super well or anything. I’m still around.

Just was struggling for a long time, and honestly, still am to some extent but I thought I’d see how everyone is? I don’t know if anyone remembers me even.

Also, hello to new peeps! I know there’s always new members.

-Renn (they/them)


Welcome back, Renn!

I remember you!


Em hotep and welcome back, Renn!

Your username definitely rings a bell, I get the feeling either from one of the Beginner Classes or such…

Either way, nice to have you back!


Em hotep, Renn!

I don’t think I ever got to talk to you, but your username is definitely familiar! So good to see a familiar set of letters!
Welcome back! I’m sorry you were having such a difficult time, but I am glad it sounds like it has alleviated somewhat?

Good to have ya back!

:purple_heart: Taswau

Em hotep and welcome back!

Welcome back!