Hi everyone, its been a long time

Hey everyone,

How’s it going around here? Honestly, I haven’t kept up super well or anything. I’m still around.

Just was struggling for a long time, and honestly, still am to some extent but I thought I’d see how everyone is? I don’t know if anyone remembers me even.

Also, hello to new peeps! I know there’s always new members.

-Renn (they/them)


Welcome back, Renn!

I remember you!


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Em hotep and welcome back, Renn!

Your username definitely rings a bell, I get the feeling either from one of the Beginner Classes or such…

Either way, nice to have you back!


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Em hotep, Renn!

I don’t think I ever got to talk to you, but your username is definitely familiar! So good to see a familiar set of letters!
Welcome back! I’m sorry you were having such a difficult time, but I am glad it sounds like it has alleviated somewhat?

Good to have ya back!

:purple_heart: Taswau

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Em hotep and welcome back!

Welcome back!

Thanks for all the welcoming back, everyone.

This year has been rough for me: I lost my dog and two cousins. One of my cousins was far too young, the other cousin was his father and while his health definitely wasn’t great, it’s hard to argue he didn’t die of a broken heart.

It sucks.

I’m hoping spooky season will be a bit better.

I love Halloween, so I’m looking forward to it. My bestie usually comes out to visit for it, too. I’m gonna try to do a few costumes this year.

Anyone have any juicy plans for spooky season?

Sorry it took me so long to respond again. The ADHD makes time freaking fly!

Thanks and senebty, y’all.


Em hotep Renn. Really sorry to hear about the loss you’ve experienced over the year. Hoping spooky season brings a smile to your face. I don’t have much planned since it’s not huge where I live (Australia), but I’m always down for a good excuse to eat lollies and watch some good horrors. My partner is also visiting from Europe in October, so looking forward to that.