Henkuyinepu's Akhu

Hotep! I would like to tell you all how much I miss you, and love you. I think about most of you everyday, but whether I think about you everyday or not, you all are always in my heart. I’m sorry you aren’t here for me to hug anymore, but I want to thank you all for the roles you play in my life. I love you all from the bottom of my heart, and I know we’ll be re-united one day. I never got the chance to say goodbye to some of you, and everyday of my life, that hurts, and I guess I feel guilty for that, even though a couple times, you passed on before I had the chance to. I wish you were here, just because I do love and miss you all, and life is so hard without you to help me through, but I know that you are trying to guide me the best you can, but sometimes I’m just too stubborn to listen. I apologize to all of you if I’ve let you down in anyway, but I’m trying to do the best I can, but I am a victim of the human condition, and I sometimes can’t help but falter in my steps. I love you and miss you all. Thank you again.