Hello all- I go by a lot of names but the one that I use online is Boo. I am an avid artist and creator and have interests in many things.

My SO is involved in the community, and I am interested in seeing what it is all about from an insider’s perspective. I am open to possibilities, and definitely believe in a plane beyond the one we see. I tend to be a somewhat guarded person and it takes a while for me to ease into a group, so do forgive me if I am somewhat quiet. I’m shy. :slight_smile:


Em hotep and welcome!

I hope you enjoy the upcoming class!


Em Hotep Boo, and welcome

There is nothing wrong about being shy and guarded, but speak up when you need answers!

Em hotep and welcome!

Em hotep!

No worries re: being a bit shy, absolutely take it at your own pace! I myself used to be more a lurker than anything else (and occasionally still am!) - nothin’ wrong with that!

It’s good to have ya!
I hope you enjoy the beginner’s class!!