Em hotep, thank you for accepting me into this lovely community! Ive been hooked on spirituality, mythologies, ancient beliefs and traditions since I can remember. Its amazing reading all of your experiences and stories, Im now focusing on meditations (which is an amazing feeling combined with specifically kemitic meditation music) and little rituals for the gods. I feel most connected to Thoth, Bastet and Hathor. Im looking forward to get more into it and experience the process with you guys ^^ Also a question, is there a discord server? If there is I’d be glad if u could provide it to me, because ive looked for it without success…

Also heres a picture of my necklaces

Em hotep and welcome!

It’s great that you’ve found us. If you like pre-recorded visualizations, you might try the recordings I’ve done for said purpose: https://vixenmoon.podbean.com/

The official Discord is reserved for beginners and members. You can find interfaith Kemetic servers though!

Enjoy your stay and Senebty!


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Thank you! The recordings are great


As Ankhetbast mentioned, the discord is for Beginner’s Course participant and members, and the current beginner’s course just started, so it will be a while. But during that time please be welcome and feel free to explore the forums and get to know us!

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