what books and literature are recommended for someone new here? Im looking at getting into the Meter Neter collections of writings, they seem fascinating. I’m currently studying, “The Kemetic Tree of Life,” by Muata Ashby and will be taking the beginners course here starting in January.
I have not dove deep into Kemetic spirituality because I am unsure of where to start. I’ve been in search of spirituality since I was a child, everyone around me wanted material things and false emotions. I have fallen in love and am now married, my wife is my whole world my purpose! I stumbled upon Kemetics on accident somehow. I been an on and off again follower of Stoicism for a while which is a greek philosophy. Theres brief mention in stoic writing about ancient Egypt and how the beliefs of ancient Egypt influenced greek philosophy. I dont know why… but i just decided to look into it and now i am here. What drew me to Greek stoicism was the age of the belief system and philosophy, its one of the oldest on earth and thats what im looking for. I looked into Hinduism which was very interesting to me but i feel since it is so popular i shied away from it thinking something must be wrong with it LOL. I feel all these other religions are just copy catting off each other you know, and too find the truth one must go to the beginning, the true light. Again, im just a little lost on my spiritual path and am looking for a home. Thanks Collin!


Em hotep and Welcome, Collin!
Enjoy your explorations here!

This is a good list of recommended reading:

I especially recommend:
Reading Egyptian Art: A Hieroglyphic Guide to Ancient Egyptian Painting and Sculpture
By Wilkinson, Richard

Also Wilkinson’s “Complete Guide to Egyptian Gods and Goddesses” is good. It may not be completely “complete”, but it’s a good place to start.


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Welcome Collin,

There is no wrong way to start, so enjoy exploration and encounters with Netjer! I second the suggestion of “Complete Guide to Egyptian Gods and Goddesses”, as it is a great introduction to many of the gods of Kemet, but there are many, many more too :slight_smile:

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“Temple of the Cosmos” by Jeremy Naydler.

Welcome, Collin!

Hi Colin,

Can I ask how did you find out about your start date for the beginner class. I applied quite a while ago and haven’t heard anything

Thanks for the references everyone. I will check them out. This is so fascinating I wish I could spend all my time learning it. I’m a residential service plumber and sometimes work around the clock making it hard to create a morning ritual or any ritual for that matter, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Thanks again hope you all are well.

Hi Amanda, so I sent an email to the contact info for this organization and was sent back an application to join and was told to sign up for the beginning class in January. All I know is it starts I. January not sure what day though. Hope this helps!