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I have a question how did you know set was for you … I’m asking because I see ppl with names on here and I wanted to know if they earned they names or were the names picked for them???

Em Hotep Palmie,

There are three kinds of names you will find here.

First, there are forum names, which are simply names chosen when you sign up for the forums. Some of these are simply a person’s legal or common name, some are more kemetic in theme, or anything else!

Second are divined names (such as mine). These are gifted to a member of the temple by the parent gods of the individual. These names are given to us through Hemet from the gods directly, and are presented during a community ceremony and celebration known as “naming”.

Finally, the third type of name you may see on here are priest names. These are crafted by the new priests in consultation with their gods, so it is kind of a combination of the first two types. Note, not all priests use a separate priest name, some continue to use their divined name from their parents.

Hope that answers your question!



Yes you did thank you I need to find a temple I’ll be lucky to find it in my city hoping to find ppl near me on here. If not I know I can still find my way

I think it will be interesting to see too! And how She chooses to be present.
My Nehmet-Awai comes through Hethert-Nut, but there is a chance She could be present through Her connections to other Gods, like Nebthet or Seshat.

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Seems like Djehuty was involved in my spiritual awakening, so He’s very special to me too. He rules over all the things that are fascinating to me, so it seems to makes sense anyway.