Hello! I am Matt

Hello! My name is Matt but for things like this I have also unofficially adopted the name of Sensyenaten. I am working at joining the next beginner class and I will then work towards my goal of priesthood! I am devoted to Aten most of all. I just recently finished building my open air temple to Aten at my home. Not much more to tell.

My best wishes


Hello! And welcome

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Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here

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Welcome Sensyenaten! We hope you enjoy learning (because there’s loads of that ahead!)

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Em hotep and welcome!

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Em hotep and welcome! It’s rare to see Aten devotees!


Em hotep and welcome from another Matt. I would love to see pics of your open air temple! Dua Aten!

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Here it is friend


Lovely! Thank you so much for sharing!

Cool! Welcome and thanks for coming! I just finished the beginners class and it was a really good experience

This is beautiful! Very serene looking

Em hotep and welcome! <3

Em hotep and welcome!

how has Aten help you so far? i work with Anpu and heru with nebt het

Sorry for the late reply, my journey with Aten is only starting(like 99%of us) however outside of general day to day blessings, I believe that certain truths have been revealed to me through personal gnosis(and of course therefore not universally true for everyone) and in particular through Atens relationship/connection with Atum. Things like that.

Em hotep and welcome, Matt! What a lovely open-air shrine

I do hope you enjoy the upcoming Beginners Class!