Hello from Calgary


My name is Sam I am 16 years old. Please forgive my weird sentence structure, I do have a ADHD, autism and Dysgraphia.

I feel strangely attracted to Kemetic orthodoxy for an unexplainable reason.

I also feel inclined to mention that Im in sea cadets.

Thanks, sam

P.S I have been praying to Mafdet


Em hotep (in peace) and welcome, Sam!

I hope you enjoy your time here.


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Em hotep, Sam!

Enjoy your explorations here!

Senebty! (Be well!)


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Em hotep, Sam! Welcome!

Lots and lots to learn and explore around here! Lots to read! I hope you enjoy yourself and your time here! Always lovely to see new folks feeling a pull towards the Netjeru! :smiley: (Mafdet is wonderful, I adore Her!)

Senebty for now!

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Em Hotep Sam, and welcome!

There is so very much to learn and so many ways to interact with Netjer (and prayer is a great one), so have fun exploring and feel free to ask questions!

Rev. Padjaiemweru

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Em hotep and welcome, Sam!

Rev. Tatuayinepu

Hi Sam!

I have dysgraphia too! Hope you enjoy your time here!

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Em hotep and welcome! My non-Kemetic name is also Sam :slight_smile:

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Em hotep and welcome! Mafdet is a lovely Name, I’ve had some great experiences with Her too. I hope you enjoy your time here! Senebty

Welcome! There are a few Canadians here (I’m in the Yukon). And a lot of us are neuro-spicy :smiley: Enjoy your time poking around the forum.

Em hotep and welcome Sam,

I have ADHD, dyspraxia, and specific learning disabilities.