Hello everyone

I’m Amanda. I live in NYC and I’m a psychiatric nurse for kids. I also do theater and ride horses. I found Nut when I was looking at more general neopaganism resources and I felt really strongly connected. In learning about her I found House of Netjer, so here I am.

I applied for the next beginners class but I don’t know how anything works!! :blush:


Em hotep and welcome!

For now, just make yourself at home! You’ll get an email shortly before the next Beginner’s Class, but until then, get comfy and ask questions!

What drew you to Nut, if I may ask?


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Em hotep and welcome, Amanda!

Enjoy your explorations here!

Senebty (Be well),

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Hello, it’s very nice to meet you!

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Em hotep and welcome!

I met Nut briefly during a hard time last year. She’s wonderful.

I hope you enjoy the class :heart:

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Em hotep and welcome

Thanks for the welcome! Of course you can ask. I found Her name while looking for deities associated with the air element. She sounded really cool so I did further research and got sucked down a rabbit hole. The more I read the more I felt connected. I love Her gentleness and being able to look up and see Her right there. I love Her universality and how welcoming She is. The night I started reading about Her I was woken up by the loudest thunder I ever heard. I thought it was demolition. I thought maybe that was Her voice, so I began praying to Her and making a playlist for Her and doing things I thought She’d like and I just feel very close and nurtured by Her. She makes me feel little in a good way. I find Her to be maternal and even sort of playful. This is a long response, but anyway that’s what happened. Thanks for asking.


Thank you, you too. Have you been around for a long time?

Thank you, that’s cool. What was it like for you? If that’s ok to ask?

Welcome, Amanda!

I’m an oldie here, so there were no forums when I started. Not even a beginners class. I got emails from Hemet directly. So many of us have a different experiences. For me, I’d always loved Ancient Egypt. I met one of the priests in an online (text) game and we became friends. I got interested when he talked about his priesthood and connected with the House of Netjer. I didn’t have any real personal practice with the Kemetic netjeru until then.

The fact that this is a religion and not a faith is something that attracted me. There is no book I have to believe. I do the rituals and rites, but how the theology works for me is my business. I love that we have no list of what we have to believe because we’re all different.

Again, welcome!

Rev. Tjesi



Em hotep!
Welcome!! I hope you enjoy the class!!
There’s plenty of folks who are close to Nut (and variants of Her!) here, so I’m sure you’ll have plenty of folks to talk with!!

Good journey to you!

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Thanks so much. I’d love to hear about your time in the priesthood

Thank you so much that’s great to hear

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Em Hotep!
I hope you enjoy the classes when they come!

@Amanda, that’s a big topic. Happy to share, but would you like to take it to Private Message or email?

Rev. Tjesi

Of course! I don’t actually know how to private message here but my email is [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you

Got it!