Have others done this?

Soooo, I may have gone a little bit overboard. After signing up for the beginners class I went back to the recommended books and purchased several… 9 I believe. From Amazon, thriftbooks, ebay all over. On top of that I also started watching a Middle Egyptian course from Great courses and, yes, purchased the accompanying text book. I’m a wee bit crazy, I know. Has anyone else gone off the rails like this? And can someone please explain why my hieroglyphic handwriting better than my handwriting in English?

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This part is probably because you’re being more careful as you learn, versus with English where you’re already well familiar with writing in English to the point that writing down what you want to write down is more important than making it look pretty. Some of my handwriting when I was fairly young and still learning how to write is almost neater than my present-day handwriting for exactly this reason.


Welcome! It can be fun to dive deeply into a new fascinating topic, as I am sure many people here have known :slight_smile: I remember checking out every book on Egypt (even travel books) from the library when I first found the temple, and reading every blog and website that were connected.


There is no rush to learn everything all at once, Netjer isn’t going anywhere. Enjoy your studies!


Thank you. It’s an unfortunate flaw of my personality that I tend to go overboard then burn myself out. Thankfully having to wait for the books and the amount of research I feel compelled to do in order to remain as respectful as possible is reigning me in some.
However I am finding some interestingly useful information. At present I’m doing some reading on Min and have found that one of his preferred offerings, wild prickly lettuce, has medicinal uses as a pain killer. Given certain health issues in my family this is very useful, especially since WPL does not produce a controlled substance like poppies do, yet is reported to have similar effects. I plan to utilize this information to the fullest extent I can manage.

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