Hello everyone,

I’m obviously new here, and looking forward to reading all the discussions and discourse. I’m completely new to even the idea of Netjer, so think of my path as one just starting now.

My journey here is a long and winding one, with unique twists and turns, but the journey has led me here, to you great people, as I continue to learn and grow more.

I have signed up for the Beginner’s Course (don’t know if I’ll be accepted), and I am thoroughly looking forward to meeting you all.

Take care and be safe,


Em hotep and welcome, LP!

Senebty! (Be well!)


Em hotep and welcome!


Em Hotep, and welcome!

We all started new here, and you aren’t alone in being brand new to Netjer (I was too when I first came to the temple), so worry not.

A beginner’s course just started, so it will be several months before the next one begins, but worry not, there is plenty to learn and explore here on the website and forums in the meantime.


Em hotep and welcome!


Em hotep! Welcome!

As others have said, lots to see and do while awaiting the next course! Look around, get to know folks, all that jazz! Being brand new to not only the community but to Netjer as a whole is a wonderful opportunity to really do some exploration - of the Netjeru, of those who follow Them, and of yourself! I hope you enjoy this time before the course, learning about all the new things there are to learn about! And when the course comes up, I of course hope you enjoy that, too!


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Do you, or anyone you know have experience reading books by Muata Ashby?

I’m an avid reader and would love to be able to be able to learn more, however I am having trouble finding reliable resources that speak of Netjer.

I personally am not sure about Muata Ashby, but we do have a lovely list of recommended reading here: Suggested Reading List | Enjoy!


Thank you very much for sharing the list.

I’ll start reading them as soon as they arrive in the mail.