Greetings after a long time

Em Hotep everyone!

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last post (in the old forum) and choose today to greet my family again the day I am celebrating my 18th Diviniversary (found it special)

My name is Rudjeni, short from RudjeniHeru, and been in the House for more than 20 yeara now.
Been away for too long living my Faith alone as some sort of self knowledge.

Hope to continue learning about Netjer and living KO, so as sharing with you all everytging we can.



Welcome back, Rudjeni!

I joined the House in 2001, was away for a long time and then came back a few years ago. It’s nice to come home :slight_smile:

~ Nesi

Nesiwepwawet | They/Them | “Belonging to Wepwawet” 𓃧‬
sat Wepwawet-Yinepu, meryt Hethert-Sekhmet, Amun, her Nut

Em Hotep and welcome back! :heart:

em hotep and welcome back!

Welcome back, Rudjeni!


Welcome back (and happy Diviniversary)!

I remember your name! Welcome home!

Rev Tjesi

(Shemsu name: Ibi)

Em hotep! Welcome back!


Welcome back!

Em hotep!

Welcome back, They never left you :wink:

Hello I’m new here just waiting on classes some sort of email I applied 2/15/2022 … I’ve been reading I’ve even looked into crystals and what they do for you I’m looking for more knowledge as I wait for these classes I’ll just continue to read up on who I am as a moor