Grandpa Dee

Dear Grandpa Dee&

You traveled west when my mother was only four- so perhaps a formal introduction is in order. I’m Annie, Donna’s little girl- your granddaughter.

An introduction feels a little odd, since I feel like I know you already. You were in Grandma’s heart every day and whenever there was a chance she told me about you. Even when Buttering toast she would remind me that you once told her .butter it to the edges Katie. Grandma also said all the time that you would have loved me. It was always nice to hear that.

My experiences with you are limited to Stories, and a picture of a very handsome Gentleman who Always hung on the wall, watching over the living room, and your wife on a Daily basis. I know you liked Pickled pigs feet, that you and Grandma helped the war effort by driving rivets into fighter jets, and that you used to line up the family for kisses before you went to work every day.

She never stopped loving you- even though she lived so long with out you. That speaks volumes to me of the man that you are, because I happen to adore my grandmother. Her dedication to you never wavered. And that example of Love will always be firmly etched into my memory.

I consider the home that your parents owned, and that you later owned to be my own home. Even though it has new owners there I grew up there. My memories are so vivid of that house, the sounds of the birds and the scents from the bushes. It’s one way to think of an experience you and I have shared. In the backyard there were these small concrete stepping stones, Grandma always told me that you put them there, and I used to like to step on them and think of you.

When I think of you, I wonder what your voice sounded like; I know that you were in a barbershop quartet. I think of the romantic stories grandma used to tell, after your first date when you picked her up and put her on her porch and told her in no uncertain terms that you were going to marry her. How when you would quarrel you would always return with a peace offering for her.

Do you ever remember people telling you that Lee looked Just like you? Well now that Uncle lee is getting older I can see it! When I look at him I feel like I am looking at you- it’s to bad I am a bit to big to try and sit on his lap anymore though.

You have quite a clan over here, Lots of grandchildren and Great grandchildren, I think that Grandma has probably told you all about them. I hope you are enjoying eternity with your wife, your daughter and your parents. I know you waited a long time to be with Grandma again- but I do appreciate it, I really needed her.