Grandma Patzner

My dear Grandma Patzner,

I wish I would have visited you more often. The last time I saw you was when dad and I went to the nursing home. I knew that you knew it was us, you just couldn’t tell us. Dad was so upset to see you there, unable to move or talk. I don’t think any person could stand to see their mother in that condition.

I thank you for your caring and guidance through some difficult periods recently, even though I cannot see you, I can hear and feel your presence everyday in my life. Please continue to watch over dad. We both know how he purposely likes to forget to take his medication. Please watch over Ashley. I hope she doesn’t make the same mistakes I have. And please watch over mom. I know you and mom never really got along…she is quite the handful at times ;).

Please know that you are forever in my thoughts and prayers, and I love you very much.