Grandma Kate

Dear Grandma,

It’s been Almost 4 years now, since you left us& I can’t believe it has been that long. But that may be because you are always in my heart, And in my thoughts every day. I didn’t Cry when you Traveled west, because I knew you had lived such a long full life- and you were tired, and needed to be with Grandpa again, But even in the lack of tears then, please know that you are missed every day of my life.

You were and still are the most influential person I have ever had in my life. And When I think about your life and the achievements you made in it I cannot help but feel proud. 9 children, over 35 Grandchildren, Great grandchildren, and great .great grandchildren to numerous to count. A marriage and a Love so strong that it survived over 40 years after Grandpa Traveled west.

I find myself incredibly proud, that I as you8r granddaughter was lucky enough to have a very special relationship with you. Every day of my life you were there. After school and during summer vacations you were my companion. And as if that wasn’t enough I used to adore the opportunity to sleep over at your house, and get even more time with you.

I will forever have fond memories of Apricot Jam you made just for us, Rice pudding and that Chili sauce you made that I never liked. Watching your .stories together. There are things in our relationship that may seem small to others, that I still do- I still watch General hospital& and when ever I get to talk to my General hospital Friends about why I have watched for so long, it is always a friendly way to talk about My grandma. (The show kind of stinks right now though, so I am taking a small break) I thought maybe you would like a quick update.

Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio did not die in that boat explosion with Cesar Faison. Anna is alive and living in Pine valley on all my children with her twin sister Anna, Robert is said to be coming back to General hospital. Felicia Scorpio Jones is still annoying, But Mac Scorpio left her after she started an Affair with Luke Spencer- this also means that Luke and Laura are no longer, but hopefully that will change. Laura is involved with Scotty Baldwin once again. Skye Chandler’s father is Not Adam Chandler, and it has turned out that her father is none other than Alan Quartermaine& her mother? Rae Cummings! Monica is of course Furious. AJ may or may not be drinking still (it’s hard to tell) Sonny Corinthos Fell in love with Carly! (Can you believe that?) It was one of my favorite stories- but they are no fun anymore because Sarah brown left. Bobbie and Erica? Well they are still Bobbie and Erica and not much has changed there- both are going through men like they are used magazines. Last I checked Tad and Dixie broke up because Tad, being the cad that he can be cheated on her again. Edward is still a grumpy old man, and Lila is as wonderful and patient as ever. Alexis and Ned almost got married, but Alexis got cold feet- they haven’t been the same ever since. Katherine bell is dead, and lucky Spencer is Alive.

Having gotten that out of the way I would like to update you on the Family. You went west before we got Marc’s diagnosis, he has Autism- like Mandy, but don’t worry he has made so much progress! You would be so proud. Andy that little boy who used to use your cane as a Microphone has Aspergers- it is like Autism only not as bad. My son Kevin also has Autism. But we are doing okay! I feel very blessed to have these special kids! I remember how you always used to say to me. .I can’t die until Annie has a little girl , well you knew I was pregnant just before you had to go so I never got to tell you… It’s a girl Grandma! It’s a GIRL! She is so healthy and so normal she amazes me every day! And so beautiful and sweet, you would have loved her. It was only a week after your funeral that we found out it was a girl and while I felt so Sad I couldn’t share her with you, there was something very special about learning I was having a girl so close to the end of your life on this world. You waited for so long just to see me have her, and while I know you were not she physically I know that somewhere you were cheering for me. You never met Michael, because you were so sick, but you always said wonderful things about his picture and what you knew of him- he is wonderful Grandma, you would have loved him too.

When Michael and I were putting together our shrine to remember you, I was able to get some old pictures of you from Mom. There are so many with you and Aunt Ernie. I can’t help but think how happy you must be, with your daughter, husband Brothers and sisters, Mother and father all with you again! All your friends that went before you, Rumor has it that Tom will be coming to see you shortly also. I have this wonderful picture of you, with your mother, Aunt Lenora and uncle Ernie- you can’t be more than 20 in it! And I love to see you when you were young!

I am hoping soon that we can take a trip out to Tooele to see you; I love you as much as I ever have! And I would love to hear from you, you were so much a part of my life and it is so wonderful to know that this doesn’t have to change.

I love you Grandma