Grandfather Kasha

I never met you. Was it the cruelness of fate? Or just chance? Many times my bitterness takes control, and I calculate how much better my life would have turned out, had death waited. Grandmother’s life was so hard once you were gone. The selling of the farm, moving into town. Losing Virginia and you within weeks, i can’t imagine how she survived. The farm is beautiful. I was rarely allowed to visit. Too many bad memories for a Grandma…now that she has passed also, I have missed out on the stories to be shared. My dad will not ‘share’ stories. I can’t even get him to go visit cousin Marvin. Marvin did tell me how you told him you planned to eat ‘a banana every day’ when you retired. I’m thankful for you telling him so. Now, I think of you every time I eat a banana. I know you worked hard, everyday of your life. I’m proud to be your granddaughter. I too work hard. I wonder why it is, people we love, hurt us, though it be, without intention. Never getting jobs, over criticizing, not taking care of their own health. Afraid to do what is right, what they agreed to do. I have found evidence of when your dad remarried and moved to OK. I don’t know where he is buried. I fear you were mad at him when he passed. I hope all is forgiven now.