Grandad Ted, Grandma Pat, and Great Grandad Tom

You are not forgotten. Akhu from whom I am descended, you are cherished. I regret not knowing you better, but I know that you are as much a part of me as if you still walked among the living, and I love you still. The call of the sea was strong in your branch of the family, and I feel its salty song rise in me from time to time - I remember you when I think of sail-boats. I also remember the brass music that sounded, I recall the house in which the notes were played, and the strawberries in the garden. If I recall correctly, it was there that I once got my head stuck in a bucket when I was younger, but I may be wrong. Grandma, I remember that you made cakes I loved, though their flavours long have been absent. Grandad, I remember your face crinkling into a laughing smile, your eyes bright and mirthful. Great Grandad, you knew me as a baby, and I do not know your face, but you are no less a part of me for that. May your rests be peaceful and filled with contentment, and may you be kept in the Sun’s warmth and out of the stomach of darkness. I miss you.