getting extremely lucky - what's going on?

em hotep to everyone,
i’ve simply come to comment on my recent week.

yesterday, i was at school. it was perfectly fine until we went into lockdown. nobody knew what was going on, the lady on the intercom sounded very frantic and all she said was lockdown before she got off of it. we got told after it that someone called in for a false active shooter. i’ve never experienced any sort of actual lockdown before. i’m really glad it wasn’t a real threat.
earlier this morning, my brother woke all of us up because we got a tornado warning. i didn’t think anything of it since we get them occasionally and nothing ever comes out of it. i checked my phone and it was labelled extreme warning, which i never see anything labelled like that. we all hid for about 30 minutes, and the storm calmed down with no sign of a tornado, so i went back to sleep. i woke up today and heard my friend say she saw the tornado just yards from her house.

both of these incidents have been insanely lucky for me. i really think a netjer is guarding me at this point, i don’t see how both of these, just hours apart, i was completely unharmed from. i don’t know who it is, but i’m going to see if i can figure that out.

a bonus story, later yesterday, i went to a fair. we were supposed to get extreme weather (the one that caused the tornado early in the morning), so we thought we’d have to leave early seeing the clouds. the most we got was a very light sprinkle of rain for a couple of seconds, and then it completely passed, so we got to enjoy our time at the fair. i didn’t think it was nearly as lucky as the other two, since i would’ve only been slightly inconvenienced by having to go home early, but would like to mention it anyways.


Glad you’re ok!