G.H. Warren J Rodgers 33/97

Nek Wesir, Nek Wesir, Nek Wesir, Nek Wesir

Now are you a king’s son, a prince,
as long as your soul exists, so long will your heart be with you.
Anubis is mindful of you in Busiris,
your soul rejoices in Abydos where your body is happy on the High Hill
Your embalmer rejoices in every place.
Ah, truly, you are the chosen one!
you are made whole in this your dignity which is before me,
Anubis’ heart is happy over the work of his hands
and the heart of the Lord of the Divine Hall is thrilled
when he beholds this good god,
Master of those that have been and Ruler over those that are to come.

Peace and blessings to you Bro Rodgers. You were the sebau to many while you were here in the physical, you inspired us to grow and to look towars Kemet for the truth! May Wepwawet open the way for you, May Geb make your face shine and your eyes open, May Heru Protect you, may Nebt-het hold you together , may Djehuti continue to give you guidance. May the neters bring you daily a thousand loaves of bread, a thousand vessels of beer, a thousand oxen, a thousand geese, a thousand sweet things of all kinds.

Bless you Brother! Sail forth in the Bark of RA! Travel safe! In Light!