Fundraising Update: November 2022

Em hotep!

As of November 15, 2022:

Zelle: $40
Paypal: $301.04 *
Paypal Giving: $402

Current Donations: $ 743.04 / $1,500 goal
Rollover Balance: $ 0.00

The PayPal account and the House bank account are currently empty, as we had to pull money to pay several bills. This is not ideal.

We are in serious, immediate need of donations. Anything that anyone can spare is greatly needed and appreciated. Zelle Direct donations are the most useful to us right now, as those go directly into the House bank account.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Senebty for now,
Fundraising Lead


Em hotep!

As of November 21, 2022:

Zelle: $140
Amazon: $162.55
Paypal: $106.90 ** (note: this is the balance after being emptied for bills earlier in the month)
Paypal Giving: $975

Current Donations: $1,685.49 / $1,500 goal
Rollover Balance: $0.00

Thank you to all who donated this month, we managed to make it! We still don’t have a rollover fund, so please donate if you have the means! Any donation is a good donation. The House cannot operate without member support!

As always, please send any questions to [email protected]

Senebty for now,
Fundraising Lead