Fundraising Update: July 2022

Em hotep, everyone!

As of 12th July 2022, total donations are $1,283,03 .

  • Our goal is: $2,500.00 .
  • Current Rollover Fund balance is $0 . All donations above our $2500 goal will be added to this fund to assist with shortfalls in months where donations may be low.

We also have the Shomu Mailing List , an email distribution list where you will receive daily calendar updates with materials from the Daybook as well as periodic hymns, prayers, and other tidbits provided by Hemet (AUS). If you donate $5 or more you will be added to this mailing list.

Please see our Donations page for more information on:

  • All the ways you can donate to the House of Netjer
  • General breakdown of how funds are used
  • Our Shomu Mailing List

Thank you all for your continued and ongoing support!


Hezetra and the Fundraising Team