Fundraising Update: December 2022

Em hotep!

As of December 4th, the fundraising stands at:

Zelle: $5.00
PayPal: $153.16 ***
PayPal Giving: $225

$ 383.16/ $1,500 GOAL

ACTUAL: $ 230 / $1500

Because of the auto-renewal of the PO Box held by the House, the PayPal balance had to be transferred to the House bank account to cover costs. So while the donations received are almost $400, the actual intake as of now is at $230.

December has always been a lean month for us, but let’s try to keep the momentum going! Remember that any donation is a good and worthy one, even if it’s only a dollar or two.

As always, please reach out at [email protected] with any questions, and I will follow up as soon as I can.

Senebty for now,
Senuermau & the Fundraising Team


Em hotep, everyone!

At the end of December’s donation period (Dec.21), we were only $400 short of our total goal – That’s actually amazing considering we made the plea on Discord for donations only 5 days prior to the final numbers and raised a significant amount before the 21st in those 5 days.

We believe in this community, thank you for answering that call.

Our new financial period started as of 12/22/22, so please remember our $1,500 goal going into the secular year 2023.

Reminder that if you are using the PayPal mobile app platform and having trouble finding the House of Netjer, you can send donations to the email address [email protected]. Regular PayPal is more readily accessed for immediate use but does take a percentage in fees, so please consider adding in something additional to help with these fees.

Please see our Donations page for more information on:

  • All the ways you can donate to the House of Netjer
  • General breakdown of how funds are used
  • Our Shomu Mailing List

~ Nesiwepwawet