For all my Akhu, for my Grandmother

Dearest Ancestors,

We met today, during my Rite of Parent Divination. I wanted to say thank you for your kindness, your heart-warming message to me, for your support. I understand what you meant, I see clearly what I have to do next with my Mother Hethert by my side (and with my Beloveds too, of course), Who also appeared next to you. I feel your caring energy, I feel how much wisdom and strength is waiting for me through you. I am touched by your strong love. Hopefully I will have my Akhu shrine soon and we will be able to communicate more often. I can’t wait to get to know you better! <3

I hope you feel fine too, Grandma. You passed away to the beautiful West one and a half years ago in great pain. I hope you are happy now and joyful. I know our relationship was not so deep, but I hope that with the other Akhu we will be able to work together like family.

See all of you soon! Senebty and dua Akhu!