Flossie Ila Perrit

Grammer Perrit,

I can’t possibly express how grateful I am to have had the chance to know you. You will always be remembered by me as the strong and caring woman you were. I’m forever in awe of the grace with which you handled life. You saw so much, and adapted; lived through such difficult times and survived with your sense of humor intact.

I cannot fathom the things you must have been thinking when you saw a car for the first time, or a television, the first man on the moon, the microwave. You saw your birthplace become a state and survived the great depression. I only wish I’d had the opportunity to be mature enough to ask you about these things. You took a great many good stories with you when you left.

In my heart, you remain forever young, as you did in life. I hope that you’re not causing too much trouble in the beautiful west; even if you are, I’m sure your fiesty spark is appreciated as it was in this world. You are still thought of fondly by the remaining family and I will teach my children about you, so they can know what a wonderful woman you were.

All my love,

Please send me a sign if you need more warm Pepsi. Nobody there should be deprived of the shock of you belching out loud. I miss you so much.