First stumbling steps.

Ankh wedja seneb
When I returned from Kemet in 1978, I was literally bursting with youthful excitement and enthusiasm. However, it became very clear very quickly that I had little or no idea what I was doing! I desperately wanted to commune with Aset as often as possible, yet, I was extremely hesitant in genuine fear of offending her.
One thing I was very certain of was that I was dealing with an immensely powerful being.
So I went back to the basics, I studied hard however, I became more frustrated because little was understood regarding the ancient rituals.
Then it finally dawned on me even though I had read a mountain of books over the previous years I actually knew nothing.
Discovering the truth and understanding it were very different things.
One evening I was meditating and slowly a vision formed, I saw a child in a library surrounded by scrolls. It was an incredible moment and I screamed " of course".
I had realised that we are the children of the Netjeru and they understand that we will make mistakes as any child will.
I believe that it must have been a similar situation for our ancient ancestors all those thousands of years ago.
I decided that the only way was to completely open my heart to Aset and trust her implicitly to guide me. I also decided to devot my entire life to the Netjeru this is why I have never married. I have not been disappointed.
When we take the first steps on the true path it will never be easy but with perseverance, study and listening with your heart to the Netjeru eventually things start to become clearer.
I will not pretend that the rituals I perform are in any way perfect and I have no doubt that the ancient priestesses and priests of Aset, Wasir and Heru would have been seriously amused by my efforts however, it works for me and the Netjeru I worship appear pleased with my interpretation.
Go in peace and love and may the Netjeru protect and guide you.

Shepsetet xx


Em hotep Shepsetet, and welcome!

We are, indeed, all children of Netjer, and there are times when our understanding feels very simple, but that is when we can learn! And learning is so fun and rewarding :slight_smile:

I hope you have fun learning while here.

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