Father Seraphim Rose

Dear Father Seraphim,

Has it really been almost 25 years since your death? There were times, right after you died, when I thought I wouldn’t make it. I’m sure you remember those days…and I’m sure your prayers got me through. Your lovely Platina monastery pretty much fell apart after you died…so did your Redding parish. We weren’t much good without you. I never got to tell you that you were the most important person in my life, but I think you knew that without hearing it. I remember you so vividly sometimes…I hear your voice, see your eyes. I was so grateful for the few precious moments we got to spend together in the hospital away from the circus that was going on outside your room. I hope that whole time wasn’t too horrible for you, and I think the others meant well…they just didn’t want to lose you. Neither did I, and I’m so glad we got to say good-bye alone. I don’t know what you think of my spiritual path, but I believe you pray for me and support me from the West. I know, no matter what the real “truth” may be, that you are with God/Netjer. You are the only person I ever met who truly understood faith and religion and God, and I feel your presence in my life even now. I believe we will be together again someday, and I long to see you again. Until that time, you are in my heart and soul always.

Your Jonetta Christina