Eugene Vigil

Hey Grandpa, it’s been a few years. I bet you know I’ve started going to the BATC over on 1100 South, that’s good. Every one misses ya. I’m keeping an eye on Grandma, she’s doing good. Work is going good too, the holidays are coming so my hours are picking up. I’ve found this new faith, Kemetic Orthodoxy, it feels right to me. I think you’d be proud of the guy I’m turning out to become. I feel like life is crazy right now at times. But I know you are there guiding me, helping me.

Braydon is trying hard. He’s got a girlfriend, as much as I am kind of jealous I am happy for him. Her name is Cassidy. She seems real nice.

Well, I don’t know if you knew or could tell it, but I swoon for guys. But if I’m happy, you’re happy; right? Well I should have listened to my gut (you guiding me) the first time, and I’ve learned the lesson. I will find someone I just need to keep an open heart and mind. Dad says it’s Mom’s fault and that he thinks that I won’t want to find somebody because I saw of their relationship; but I won’t give up on love, for when I do, well I’ll be sad and lonely the rest of my life; and I know you don’t want that. But right now, I will focus on learning, and after I am done with that maybe I’ll find the right guy. I know you will be there guiding me.

Love, Nater