Emily Rose Kuhn's Akhu

Dear Akhu,

Even if I don’t know you, you in the Land of the Blessed Dead, I remember you, all of my Akhu. I remember the faces of those who I knew in the land of Ra, and I honor you whom I do not know. I, Emily Rose Kuhn, pledge to remember you so you shall never truly die. Whenever I look up at the night sky and see Nut, I will see the stars and think, “My Akhu are up there-my great grandparents, my grandmother, her brother, my ancestors.” I have set up a shrine in my home for you, but when I am not able to have a shrine for you, I will remember you and hold you close in my heart. This goes for my blood Akhu and my spiritual Akhu, those who are the people of Kemet. I have been born into the religion of Ancient Egypt, hence I have been birthed by the people of Kemet. I honor you as I honor and love your gods, the One and the Many, Netjer. I love you, and I will never forget you. Akhu, known and unknown, please feel free to drop by and say hi in dream or otherwise, for I miss your presence in my life. Just because you are now in the Field of Reeds, or a star in Nut’s nightgown does not mean that you are gone-you live on in my memory of you, in my heart. I love you, Akhu, even if I cannot name all of you. Please remember me when I join you, so that I may be reunited with my family, my Akhu once more.

Emily Rose Kuhn