Em Hotep

Em Hotep and hello.

My name is Lukai or you can call me Kai. I’ve been practicing kemetic paganism for 4 years now. I’m 20 and reside in Michigan. I have too many sexualities to count, but I am trans-masc he/they/it. I am looking to connect with KO members as I hope to join someday. I mainly worship Bast but I also worship Anpu, Wenut, Sekhmet, and Set.


Welcome Lukai! There is much to learn, so feel free to ask questions here on the forums and get all kinds of wonderful answers :slight_smile:

We also have a beginner’s course which is designed to teach the basics of Kemetic Orthodoxy religious thought. The application can be found here: Membership | Kemet.org so if you are interested in the next class, that will start soon, but there is no rush, we and Netjer aren’t going anywhere :slight_smile:


Em hotep and welcome, Lukai!


Em hotep and welcome!

Hi Lukai!

I’m a Sekhmet person too and am getting to know Yinepu (Anpu). Bast has a big following here. Glad to meet you

Em hotep and welcome, Lukai!

em hotep and welcome

Welcome and Em hotep. While Bast is not the main goddess I worship, she has a very prominent place on my Family altar over the Fireplace as a home protector.