Em hotep

Hi, my name is Betty,aka MeretSerqet. I am from Germany and quite old already :grin: Since more than 30 years ……with a decennial celtic adventure…… I am following the Kemetic path.Since my first steps Nebt Selket/Serqet is going along with me. During the last two years Nebt Aset, Nebt Het and Neb Anpu came appeared as well.
I will say Dua for accepting my request and looking forward to new adventures and experiences .



Em hotep and welcome! Enjoy your explorations here!

Senebty! (Be well!)
…Neheh (I wouldn’t say I was ‘quite old’, maybe in another 20 years, but I’m 65, so not a ‘kid’ anymore in body, just in heart!)

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Em hotep and welcome!

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