Em hotep

Hi there!

I’m Meteruaset (Meteru for short if you prefer), and I have actually been around before. I first came to the House in 1999 (yes, I really am that old) but drifted away about ten years ago. I have lately felt a very strong calling back to my roots, to my origins…to my home.

I’m a parent of three grown children, a writer, and a wife to my partner of 12 years. I hope to get to know you good folx in time, and you, me.

Thank you, and may you live.


Em hotep and welcome back, Meteru!

Welcome back! Em hotep!

em hotep and welcome back

Em hotep and welcome back!

Em Hotep, and may you find joy and be welcome back here!

Em hotep and Welcome back, Meteru!


It’s good to see you again Meteru!

Em hotep and welcome back